Why should I menu plan?: Menu Planning Basics

You might be dragging your feet around about menu planning. You might have tried it in the past and it didn’t work very well and are wondering if you should really try it again.

I believe everyone should menu plan. I know that is a pretty bold statement but after years of regularly planning weekly or monthly menus I have seen the difference it can make. Here are some of my top reasons to menu plan.

  • Fewer trips to the store mean less spent on gas and less wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • Less time at the store or drive-thru means more time doing what you enjoy.
  • Home cooked meals are generally healthier and less expensive than restaurant fare.
  • You can save time by prepping like ingredients at one time. Say you need cooked chicken for three recipes, in a little more time than it takes to cook chicken for one meal you can have a head start on two more dinners.
  • By planning your meals around the sales, especially the loss leaders, you can save money.
  • By being deliberate with your purchases, you can incorporate ingredients into different meals which cuts down on waste. If you make Pinto Bean Soup the leftovers can be served over rice a couple of nights later or for lunch the next day

Remember a menu plan is a tool for you to use to make life easier not an all controlling force. You might forget to take meat out to thaw, have a last minute dinner invitation, or just don’t feel like cooking and you know what- that’s okay.

Do you menu plan? Why or why not?

Coming next week: The Master Menu: Your family’s favorites at your fingertips.


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