What’s On Our Table Week 6

See what I’m cooking up for my family with What’s On Our Table

I know you may be thinking “Hey, didn’t I get this email already?” And you are correct, I did post this once before and the email was sent. But I managed to mess something up behind the scenes that was causing the blog to either be super slow or not load at all. So my host had to use their backup file of the blog which was from before I posted last week. When I added the posts again, even with having the date as the original posting date, Feedburner sent them out as new. 


I hope y’all had a great week last week. We did even if it was a bit busy.
Full disclosure for y’all we strayed from last week’s menu plan. Sometimes life happens and you just have to switch your plans. I made four of the meals and we ate chili for the next three nights. And chili wasn’t even on our plan but I got a craving for chili cheese dogs. We prefer homemade chili so I made a batch in the Instant Pot.
As you can see I’m doing most of my cooking in my pressure cooker. It wasn’t intentional but April in Alabama is warm. I don’t mean 75 degrees warm but mid to upper 80s. The pressure cooker doesn’t make as much heat as cooking on my gas stove does so there you go.
• Instant Pot meatloaf, sour cream and chive mashed potatoes, sautéed yellow squash and onion
• Instant Pot BBQ Ribs and Potato Salad
• Instant Pot Beans and Rice
• Barbecue hot dogs, mashed potatoes, and a vegetable
• Instant Pot “baked” potatoes and salad
• Instant Pot Smothered Pork Chops over egg noodles with a vegetable
• Leftovers
• Sandwiches
• Leftovers
• Cereal
• Peanut Butter toast
• Eggs and toast
• French Toast


  1. I cannot find the recipes and am super interested in all your instant pot recipes. Please help!

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