What’s On Our Table Week 15

What’s On Our Table is exactly that- what I’m cooking for my family this week.
What's On Our Table

I totally dropped the ball with this one last week. It was sitting in my drafts folder and I forgot to schedule the post. So I just updated everything for this week.

Last weekend was slightly hectic with some minor car trouble and watching the weather to see how Hurricane/Tropical Storm Nate was going to affect us. Thankfully this far north, it just gave us a decent amount of rain and knocked out the internet and  TV for a few hours late Saturday night.
Dinner This Week:

  1. Pressure Cooker loaded potato soup,  rolls, and pumpkin cream pie
  2. Brinner- waffle iron hash browns, eggs, toast
  3. Chicken and jalapeno taquitos and beans
  4. Pressure Cooker stroganoff
  5. Ham and bean soup
  6. Potato and hamburger casserole
  7. Leftovers

Lunch This Week:

  • Ham or peanut butter sandwiches
  • Leftovers
  • Lunch at church

Breakfast This Week:


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