What’s On Our Table Week 3

Come see what’s cookin’ in my kitchen in What’s On Our Table 

What's On Our Table Week 3

This is quickly becoming my favorite posts to write because it gives me a chance to “chat” and share things that have been happening and what I’m digging lately.

On my other Instagram account, yes I have more than one, I shared what I needed to get done on my office day and mentioned that making the menu plan would be the most difficult part. That’s because when I ask what sounds good I get “I don’t know” or ” I don’t care.” This makes me glad we don’t eat out very often because picking a restaurant is worse than that.

I am absolutely loving my Instant Pot. Since I got it about two and a half weeks ago there have been like 4 days when I haven’t used it. On Thursday I also published my very first recipe for it Pressure Cooker Parmesan and Chive Mashed Potatoes.

You may notice a few carryovers from previous weeks. We still haven’t had those salmon burgers. I’m also making a few  recipes we haven’t had in awhile so I can update the pictures.

What’s On Our Table




  • Sandwiches
  • Leftovers
  • Quesadillas

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