What’s On Our Kitchen Table Week 8

See my real life menu plan with What’s On Our Table.

Real life kitchen inspiration with What's On Our Table Week 8

How on earth can it be the middle of May? The kidlets get out of school before too long and will be spending lots of time here. So right now is the calm before the storm so to speak.

We don’t have any real grand plans this summer. We do have season passes to a local nature park and petting zoo so we will probably go there at least once a week. Other than that it will be trips to the playground, the monthly downtown festival, and splash pad for fun with the kids.

Recipes not linked will be on the blog at some point.



  • Instant Pot Barbecued Chicken, Creamy Jalapeno Bacon Potato Salad, Homemade Baked Beans
  • Salmon Patties, which are just Salmon Burgers without the buns, mashed potatoes, green beans and Easy Slow Cooker Chocolate Cobbler for Mother’s Day. It’s a meal of some of my mom’s favorite foods.
  • Instant Pot Garlic and Soy Ribs, rice, broccoli
  • Takeout Pizza
  • Breakfast for dinner. Probably bacon or ham, hash browns, and toast.
  • Spicy Potato Soup
  • Leftovers


  • Leftovers
  • Sandwiches


  • Pancakes
  • Cinnamon or Peanut Butter Toast


Of course, to go with lunch or dinner we’ll have sweet tea.



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