What’s Happening in 2019

Get some updates and insights into Cookin’ Mimi with What’s Happening in 2019

This isn’t the usual Cookin’ Mimi post but stick with me folks.

First, let me wish you a happy new year! I am super stoked for 2019, friends. I’ve got some great things planned for the blog.

What’s staying the same?

The basics of the blog are staying the same. Delicious recipes that will make your family and your wallet happy are the main focus and will continue to be. However, I am trying to bring a bigger variety of recipes to the blog. I have a tendency to post mostly main dishes if you haven’t noticed.

What’s changing?

While this isn’t a true change exactly I am bringing back What’s on Our Table. The “change” is it will be posted on Wednesday instead of Saturday or Sunday.

Instead of posts going live in the morning as they have been for the past year and a half or so they will be going up in the evening. Which only makes a difference for those of you who would rather visit the blog than subscribe. If you get posts by email you won’t notice because I’m not changing when those go out.

I’m also starting up Cookin’ Mimi’s Kitchen Table which is the Facebook group for the blog. I have all kinds of fun stuff planned for the group. This will be my focus more than the page because I love how more personable and fun the groups can be versus pages.

That’s all I can think of for now but I will be back tomorrow with What’s on Our Table and will have some new recipes for you starting next week. I’m still in holiday mode here so keeping things short this week.


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