What is Everyday Deliciousness? .::. Day 1

Let’s face it, we all have to eat. Creating tasty meals for your family takes time and money both of which are limited.

It’s easy to fall prey to the glossy magazines and cooking shows where meals are beautifully presented and are prepared without mishaps using exotic and gourmet ingredients.

While lovely, that isn’t the reality for most families. Dinner is usually a quick affair served in between the chaos of homework, music lessons and sports practice. It’s often easier to hit the drive through window or toss a frozen pizza in the oven those nights. While that may be quick it certainly isn’t cheap.

During this series I am going to share how you can make meal planning and freezer cooking work to shave time off dinner and your grocery bill. I will also be sharing recipes and other tips. In other words a month of ways to have Everyday Deliciousness.

If you want to join me on this journey you can find all my posts here

1. What is Everyday Deliciousness?

2. Planning is Your Friend

3. Small Scale Freezer Cooking


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  1. Hey there! I’m here from the Nesters’s 31 Days linkup. Looking forward to all the deliciousness!

  2. Hi! I too am here from the linkup. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

  3. I love your idea for everyday deliciousness, and I’m really looking forward to reading your posts. This has a lot of potential to help me in the near future, as I balance out going back to college with working part-time. Thanks for what you do! 🙂

  4. What a great idea for a series. Have fun, hopefully I will get a change to stop back in. Come check out my 31 day series if you get a chance 😉

  5. YUM! I’m a fellow 31 day Blogger, blogging about 31 Days of Autumn Inspiration. Can’t wait to read about all of your delicious creations!

  6. Wonderful idea, Mimi! Glad to see you are also joining in for the 31 days 🙂

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