Weekly Menu Plan April for 21-27

Last week’s menu plan was more of a general guideline. The only days we ate what was designated for those particular days were Tuesday and Sunday. One night I ended up just making baked potatoes and salad for supper which is one of our warmer weather favorites.

weekly menu plan from Cookin' Mimi

This week I’ll be using up as much ham as possible since both our freezers are fairly full so I need to minimize the amount that goes in them.

You might notice that salads make an appearance almost every night. They are my favorite side dish to make because they take almost no time at all to make and can go with so many different main dishes depending on the dressing used. I stick to a pretty basic formula of iceberg, romaine hearts, tomato and red onion, plus whatever the dressing du jour is. Sometimes I go crazy and add fresh spinach. We go through several heads of lettuce a week.

Weekly Menu

Ham and Scalloped Potatoes,  salad

Creamy Ham and Pasta Skillet, salad

Ham Pot Pie

Chicken Piccata, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, green veggie. Spinach maybe.

Smoked Turkey Breast baked potatoes and salad. I didn’t make this last week because I got confused on which Wednesday was the one I wasn’t busy.

Barbecue bacon cheeseburgers on homemade hamburger buns, oven fries, salad

Pinto beans and rice, quick and easy salsa, tortilla chips

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  1. What a lovely way to plan for the week, and use up Easter Leftovers!

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