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If your family is like ours than you are definitely feeling the burn of rising food costs. While there is no one sized fits all grocery budget here are some ways you can help lower your grocery bill while still eating delicious and nutritious meals without spending an exorbitant amount of time in the kitchen.

Make it from scratch

There are some items from a cost alone stand point it makes no sense to make it at home but there are many items where making it yourself not only saves money but produces a tastier and better for you end result.

For example, I calculated the cost of ingredients for one loaf of the Master Recipe from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day to be 23 cents.  A similar loaf of store bought bread in my area costs in the ball park of two to three dollars.

Buy in bulk but only if it makes sense to

There are certain things I only buy in bulk if I can help it. I buy yeast two pounds at a time at a warehouse store. The average cost of one 2 1/4 teaspoon packet of yeast around here is 83 cents but the same amount of bulk yeast is four cents. Yeast can be stored in the freezer for quite a few months before becoming inactive.

Another frequent bulk purchase here is string cheese. When my niece and nephew visit they would eat their weight in it if allowed.

Be sure that you will be able to use the larger amount before it spoils or loses quality. I learned that lesson very quickly when we had to toss a bunch of tortilla chips because we couldn’t eat them before they became too stale to salvage.

Menu Plan

This is probably the area that has saved my family the most money. By planning meals with double duty ingredients and by incorporating parts of meal into another meal a night or two later I’m able to save money and spend less time in the kitchen.

If you need some help with meal planning I wrote a series called Menu Planning Basics last year.

Freezer Cooking

Having meals or meal components such as seasoned taco meat and cooked shredded or chopped chicken at your fingertips in the freezer is another fabulous way to save money and time in the kitchen.

Day old bread can be turned into fabulous French Toast and frozen easily to be reheated for a quick and tasty breakfast.

Bean, rice, and cheese burritos are very budget and freezer friendly and take very little hands on work.

If you don’t have the time to commit to large cooking sessions check out Money Saving Mom’s Freezer Cooking in an Hour.


What are some of your favorite tips on saving money in the kitchen?

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  1. Hi there! Found your post through Frugal Fridays. Good suggestions all the way around here…. i use them all! Another way I feel I save time and money is to make sure that I mealplan mostly from what I already have in my freezer/pantry/refrigerator. This allows me to buy mostly on-sale items, because Im not meal planning and needing to buy an ingredient that may not be on sale (if that makes sense). Another thing is I shop at the farm’s market in season and save a lot of money on produce AND support local growers, which is important to us. Good tips, thanks for sharing!

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