Think Planned-Overs not Leftovers. .::. Day 18 {31Days}

One of the ways I save money and cut food waste is to try to have at least one meal a week where at least one part of the meal can be reused later in the week.

For example my simple beef roast can be used in burritos, enchiladas and even substituted for the chicken in my barbecue chicken empanadas.

Leftover baked potatoes? Try hash brown casserole or baked potato soup.

By planning what to do with what I know will be leftover I can be sure they will be eaten and not left in the fridge.


  1. I freeze my beef roast,carrots, potatoes, onions and leftover gravy to make beef stew later on in the month. I add a can of “smushed” tomatoes and let it simmer – DELISH!!!! If I have any green peas, corn or green beans I throw those in also! Great with cornbread!

  2. Excellent advice. Ofttimes when I cook a dish that is large, I freeze the leftovers to have at a later date. It has the ease of a frozen dinner with out the cost or unidentifiable ingredients of store bought frozen dinners.

    The Vintage Recipe Blog

  3. Such a cute way to think of it. I used to not like leftovers, but the more I cook the more I do love planned overs.

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