Marinade, Sauce and Gravy Recipes

Today I am bringing you a batch of tasty looking sauce, gravy and marinade recipes from around the web. Source: via Micha on Pinterest Chimichurri from Cooking During … [Read more...]

Chicken in a Lemon Pan Gravy

This is a weeknight easy meal with special occasion taste. Chicken breasts are coated in seasoned flour and cooked in a mixture of butter and oil and finished with a simple but tasty lemon and herb … [Read more...]

Favorite Cooking Technique Recipes

image source for button is Spices by Jiří Dokoupil I’m brining you some recipes I found that use basic cooking techniques to up the flavor.     Source: via … [Read more...]

Slow Cooked Chicken in an Herb Sauce

  Slow cooking is essentially braising. You’re taking a less expensive and possibly tougher cut of meat and cooking it over a long period of time at a low temperature in a flavorful liquid. I … [Read more...]

Frugal Flavors: Cooking Techniques

  image source for button is Spices by Jiří Dokoupil Many different cooking techniques add their own unique flavors to the dish you’re preparing. Fork tender, braised pot roasts with gravy, … [Read more...]

Creamy Cajun Dip with Breaded Oven Fries

The creamy Cajun dip came about one afternoon at lunch when we were out of Ranch dressing and I didn’t want to eat  plain fries. It’s three ingredients and takes hardly anytime to prepare. The … [Read more...]

Favorite Herbs and Spices Recipes

image source for button is Spices by Jiří Dokoupil Today I’m sharing just a few of the recipes I’ve found that make excellent use of herbs and spices. Source: via tiamimi … [Read more...]