Most Popular Recipes in 2013

For the last day of the Countdown to 2014 I'm sharing the thirteen most popular posts from this year. Not all of these recipes were published this year but they got the most traffic. Your … [Read more...]

Best Desserts of 2013

Today's Countdown to 2014 theme is desserts. I had two type of desserts I posted more than the others this year- poke cakes and desserts with coconut.     Pina Colada Poke … [Read more...]

Best Snacks and Appetizers of 2013

Today in the countdown to 2014 we're sharing the best snack and appetizer recipes from 2013. This year these are divided into sweet and savory. The sweet category is populated with muddy buddies … [Read more...]

Best Main Dishes of 2013

Today's theme in the countdown to 2014 is main dishes which is my largest category of recipes.  I had over 30 this year alone so I decided to split it into two of my favorite main dish types- slow … [Read more...]

Best Soup and Bread Recipes of 2013

Clock image courtesy of Keerati / It's day two of the countdown to 2014 and today's theme is soup and bread. Since I didn't do much blogging this year until May I only have … [Read more...]

Best Breakfast Recipes of 2013

 Clock image courtesy of Keerati / As a blog reader myself I love "Best of" posts because I don't see every post on the blogs I read so this gives me a chance to see some … [Read more...]