Chicken Noodle Soup .::. Day 10 {31Days}

  Soup is one of my favorite goods on hand meals. Pasta, chicken broth and various seasonings are always on hand. I made this herbed chicken noodle soup variation one night when soup just … [Read more...]

Creating a Back-up Plan .::. Day 9 {31Days}

I realize today is actually the tenth day but something came up and I was away from the computer all day Sunday. I’ll finish up on November 1st instead of October 31st. We all have those days when … [Read more...]

Saving on Pantry Staples .::. Day 8 {31Days}

On day 6 we talked about how a well stocked pantry is a huge help in getting dinner on the table quickly. Today I am sharing some of the ways you can fill your pantry on the cheap. Look for sales … [Read more...]

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies .::. Day 7 {31Days}

Today is a 2 for 1 post. This delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe that I made for the  Crazy Cooking Challenge contains many ingredients found in a well stocked pantry. When I saw that this … [Read more...]

Keep a Well Stocked Pantry .::. Day 6 {31Days}

Photo source Having a well stocked pantry has been my saving grace more than once. The unexpected happens.  Instead of panicking utilize your pantry. If the bulk  grocery money for the week has to … [Read more...]

Buttermilk Herb Chicken .::. Day 5 {31Days}

Buttermilk herb chicken is a quick and fabulous way to dress up plain old boneless skinless chicken breasts. This is some of the best chicken I have ever eaten. It is so tender and juicy and … [Read more...]

Multi-Purpose Meatballs .::. Day 4 {31days}

Frozen fully cooked meatballs are one of my favorite things to have on hand. Add them to some marinara for meatball subs or spaghetti and meatballs, served piping hot with brown gravy, a splash of … [Read more...]