Think Planned-Overs not Leftovers. .::. Day 18 {31Days}

One of the ways I save money and cut food waste is to try to have at least one meal a week where at least one part of the meal can be reused later in the week. For example my simple beef roast can … [Read more...]

Chicken Fajita Tostadas .::. Day 16 {31Days}

Chicken Fajita Tostadas come together quickly making them perfect for a budget friendly weeknight supper. This is a nice twist on fajitas and tostadas inspired by one of my favorite Mexican … [Read more...]

Make it Yourself .::. Day 15 {31Days}

  Photo Source   One of my favorite things to do is to take a dish I love from a restaurant and make it at home. Now there are some things it is hard to get exactly the same but most of … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Recipe Round-up .::. Day 14 {31Days}

Today I am sharing some more slow cooker recipes. Of course given my love of Mexican flavors 3 of the 4 happen to be Mexican style dishes. Source: via Micha on … [Read more...]

Simple Beef Roast .::. Day 13 {31Days}

This is one of my absolute favorite ways to cook a beef roast in the slow cooker. The seasonings are kept pretty basic so the leftovers can be used in a variety of dishes without any worry. Simple … [Read more...]

Make Friends with Your Slow Cooker .::. Day 12 {31Days}

I am a slow cooker fan girl. There I said it. A couple of years ago I went through a period of a few months where I heavily relied on my slow cookers because of a non working stove. While I wasn’t a … [Read more...]

Less Meat = More Money.::. Day 11 {31Days}

I don’t know how it is for your family but meat seems to take the biggest chunk from the grocery budget. One of the ways I combat this is by having one or more low meat or meat free dinner every week. … [Read more...]