How to Have a Kitchen Prep Day When Life is Busy

One of the best things you can do to get your meals on the table easier is to have a set time to get a head start. These are some of my favorite ways on how to have a kitchen prep day when life … [Read more...]

Whole Wheat Pancake Mix 

Whole Wheat Pancake Mix is a great way to get whole grains in your diet. I am a big fan of pancakes. They are easy, fast, and tasty. Even from scratch versions don't take a ton of prep. Just … [Read more...]

Potato Topped Taco Skillet Pie

Potato Topped Taco Skillet Pie is like a taco crossed with shepherds pie. Sometimes I can be clueless about what I'm cooking for dinner. Even with menu planning there are nights when there are … [Read more...]

Creamy Ranch Skillet Potatoes 

Creamy Ranch Skillet Potatoes are super easy and tasty. Potatoes are my favorite non dessert carb. I love pasta, rice, and bread but there is just something about potatoes that speak to me. … [Read more...]

Sweet Pork Barbacoa in the Slow Cooker

Sweet Pork Barbacoa makes a great burrito or taco filling. You can also use it to top nachos or in quesadillas. This is a recipe I have made for years. I found the original recipe at Real Mom … [Read more...]

4 Blogs for Cooking at Home

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16 Easy and Frugal Seasoning Mixes to Make

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