State of the Blog August 2012

If you follow Cookin’ Mimi on Facebook you’ll have heard the tale of my computer troubles.

FB screengrab 814

My computer mysteriously started working again a day or two later only to go out with a bang on Saturday. And when I say go out with a bang I mean that literally. I was working on a post and all of a sudden the computer made a loud pop and there were a few sparks from the back.

That means the move is on hold until next year at the earliest because August starts crazy season in our family. I will however be back to posting on a regular basis starting tomorrow.

In other news if you use Instagram you can now follow Cookin’ Mimi there as well. My username is big surprise- cookinmimi.

One last thing:

Since WordPress changed the commenting system I’ve noticed a drop in comments. If you can’t remember your gravatar email and password don’t forget  you can comment using your Twitter handle. If you do that you can always sign your comment you @ your blog in the body of the comment. It might say you’re spam at first but I check the spam box at least 2 times a day.


  1. Sorry about your computer troubles. Thankful you will still be able to post.

    • Thanks. It’s more of an inconvenience than anything. I’m just glad all of my pictures are saved on flash drives and memory cards and weren’t all on my hard drive.

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