Slow Cookers: Favorite Kitchen Tools and Appliances

I big fat puffy heart slow cookers. I have quite a few recipes here that utilize slow cookers and have barely scratched the surface. One of my favorite things I have ever made in a slow cooker was a hot cocoa cake for the teachers to eat during VBS at my church a few years back. People were amazed that you could bake a cake in a slow cooker.

My main slow cooker now is a round 6 quart (I think) model that I’ve used for over five years.Tiffany from Eat at Home uses the exact same one I have. I tried to get pictures of mine but I kept getting an awful glare. If you’re curious what it looks like you can see Tiffany’s slow cooker in her lovely kitchen. Seriously folks I love her countertops.

I used to have a 3 in 1 slow cooker but it quit working in the Great Electronics Rebellion of 2012 when my range, cell phone, and slow cooker quit working with in a few days of each other. Thus far the range is the only one to have been replaced.

There will be no post next Wednesday. I have out of town company coming in so I am taking the day off to enjoy them.

Where do you stand on slow cookers- love ‘em or leave ‘em?

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