11 School Lunch Ideas

Need school lunch ideas? Here are eleven ideas plus a few bonuses for fun.11 School Lunch Ideas

How can it be time to start talking back to school? It seems like summer break just started here but our local system starts back the first full week of August.

I know one thing a lot of moms wonder is what can they pack in their child’s lunchbox that may be more than just a sandwich but doesn’t take forever. This post has you covered with 11 school lunch ideas from the main dish to a couple of fun and easy treats.

Main Dish School Lunch Ideas

Until I was in the fourth grade, I took a packed lunch every single day because none of the schools I attended before then had cafeterias. Back then my lunch and most of my classmates’ lunches consisted of a lunch meat or PB&J sandwich.

While things have changed in the 30ish years since I was in elementary school sandwiches are still a lunch time staple for many.

Those can get tiresome fairly quickly so I made sure to include a few non-traditional ideas as well.

Treats for Your School Lunch Ideas

I always loved seeing what type of dessert or sweet treat my mom packed in my school lunch. It was almost always a chocolate or butterscotch pudding in a metal can with pop top or some type of fruit cup. My favorite was the butterscotch pudding, which even as an adult is one of my guilty pleasures.

Here are some tasty treats to pack in a lunch box or even have as an after school snack.

Bonus School Lunch Ideas

These are few ideas that I couldn’t quite categorize or are round ups on their own. I hope you enjoy them.

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