Pantry Challenge Weekly Menu Plan for July 7-13

I’m saving money while still eating well with a pantry challenge weekly menu plan.

.Save money with a Pantry Challenge Weekly Menu Plan from

I hope my fellow Americans had a fabulous Independence Day. We didn’t cook out here but we did go see a fireworks display with the auntlings. Which is how we celebrated last year as well.

I’m changing things up a bit on the menu plan posts. I’m going to be adding a meal prep to do list  to each post as a reminder of things I need to do ahead of time to make getting supper on the table easier.

I normally try to have at least one main dish in the weekly plan one already on the blog but because I’m trying to keep ahead on posts because I’ve got something big coming up in October I’m cooking recipes not on the blog.

Pantry Challenge at

I’m a long time reader of Good Cheap Eats and twice a year Jessica hosts a pantry challenge. This time I’m joining in with her and some other readers. I have a full chest freezer so my goals for this pantry challenge is to use up some of the meat in the freezer and to cut what I normally spend by at least 25 percent.

Next to each day I’ll be putting what I need to purchase to make the meals.

Pantry Challenge Weekly Menu Plan

  • Monday: Turkey Dip Sandwiches, chips and fruit Chips and fruits
  • Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Wraps, salad, grilled corn fresh corn, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and buttermilk for the dressing
  • Wednesday:Pork Chops, Mac-n-Cheese and Green Beans pork chops and green beans
  • Thursday: Southwestern Roll Ups, chips and salsa and fruit tortilla chips, salsa, fruit
  • Friday:  Tacos, refried beans, arroz con tomate taco shells or corn tortillas
  • Saturday:  Vegetable Noodle Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce peanut butter and bell peppers
  • Sunday: Club Pita Pockets chips, and fruit bacon, lunch meat

Made with ingredients that store well Arroz con Tomate from is perfect as part of a Pantry Challenge Weekly Menu Plan


Pantry Challenge Weekly Menu Plan Daily To-Do:

  • Monday: Make blue cheese dressing for wraps
  • Tuesday: grill pita bread and freeze for club pita pockets
  • Wednesday: make pinto beans for refried beans for Southwestern Roll ups and to go with tacos
  • Thursday: No prep needed
  • Friday: Cook bacon for  club pita pockets
  • Saturday: No prep needed
  • Sunday:No prep needed
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