Jalapeno Dill Tartar Sauce

Jalapeno Dill Tartar Sauce is easy and so flavorful. This is a copycat of something we tried from Trader Joe's a couple of years ago. The flavor was spot on but we didn't care for the … [Read more...]

Panko Crusted Pollock

Panko Crusted Pollock is an easy and flavorful way to prepare fish. I love trying new things in the kitchen but this was one recipe that gave me a bit of a pause. You see, I've never cooked … [Read more...]

Groceries for Three for Less than 80 Dollars

See how I got Groceries for Three for Less than 80 Dollars including my favorite way to save on name brand bread. Not too many pictures this week and what I did get was all bread. I managed to … [Read more...]

Friday Frenzy June 15

How can June be half over already? It seems like Mother's Day was just last Sunday and here we are at Father's Day. This week's intro will be short and sweet. A quick note to those who get emails when … [Read more...]

Blue Cheese Burgers #ImprovCooking

Blue Cheese Burgers are easy and delicious. Skip the burger joint and make these at home. We love burgers. Really. Like, could eat them every single week at least once love them. But, it's … [Read more...]

Pantry Challenge Fill-In Groceries for Five People Around 25 Dollars

See what Groceries for Five People Around 25 Dollars I got to supplement June's pantry challenge. Let me preface this again. This is not a typical trip nor do I think it's doable in the long … [Read more...]

Friday Frenzy June 8

Summer is in full swing here. Not only are the temps very summer-like VBS signs are in pretty much every churchyard. My church has started their summer programs, starting with Cokes and ice cream on … [Read more...]