Friday Frenzy September 22

Hey guys! I hope you had a fabulous week. I know I did. Happy First Day of Fall to my fellow Northern Hemisphere residents and Happy First Day of Spring to those who reside below the Equator. Fall … [Read more...]

Friday Frenzy September 15

Hey guys, I know it's actually the 16th but I was gone all day yesterday and didn't have time to get this posted. I hope you have a fabulous Saturday. We'll be spending the afternoon watching … [Read more...]

Easy Mashed Potato Cakes

Easy Mashed Potato Cakes are made with leftover mashed potatoes making them a frugal and tasty side dish. I am a big fan of repurposing leftovers in any way I can. It is a great way to reduce … [Read more...]

Friday Frenzy September 8

This week's intro is going to be short because I don't really have anything to say. Well, other than stay safe if you're in the path of the hurricane. Welcome to the Friday Frenzy, the Best … [Read more...]

Tater Tot Chicken Pot Pie

Tater Tot Chicken Pot Pie is a delicious and easy change from the usual pie crust topped chicken pot pie. Chicken Pot Pie is one of my all time favorite foods. Seriously, if someone said you … [Read more...]

Friday Frenzy September 1

Is anyone else as excited as I am that it's September? Fall is coming in just a few short weeks, college football starts tomorrow, and it should cool off from "oh my gosh I am either going to melt or … [Read more...]

Pressure Cooker Hard Cooked Eggs

Making Pressure Cooker Hard Cooked Eggs can help you avoid the dreaded green yolk and gives easier to peel eggs. When I was looking for recipes to try when I first got my Instant Pot I kept … [Read more...]