Menu Plan Monday. 6/15/09


I haven’t done this in awhile at least not online. I do make a menu plan every week even though I may not always follow it. Since summer temps are in full swing here in the deep south I am trying to use the oven as little as possible and will be cooking a lot in my slow cooker or grilling when I can. With out further delay here is my menu for the next week.

Monday the 15th:

Asian style pork roast with mashed potatoes.

Tuesday the 16th:

Baked Spaghetti with Italian Cheese Bread

Wednesday the 17th:

Chef Salad- that is grocery shopping day and I do as little as possible cooking wise on grocery day.

Thursday the 18th:

Barbecue chicken nachos

Friday the 19th:


Saturday the 20th:

Breakfast for dinner: oven baked pancake, bacon, sausage, fruit.

Sunday the 21st:

Cook out for Father’s Day- burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans.

Breakfast will be cereal, toast, fruit and  oatmeal, Lunches will be sandwiches, leftovers, salads pretty much anything easy and no fuss.

Visit Org Junkie for many more menus.

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