Menu Plan July 18

.Menu Plan Monday at

Last week’s menu turned out really well. The Orange chicken I tried was a hit and I discovered I like Jasmine Rice. I did end up changing a few things around with what I had originally planned for this week so you’ll see a couple of items from last weeks menu this week.

I’m going to back to just posting dinner dishes because 9 times out of ten we end up not eating what I post for breakfast and lunch.



Tacos and refried beans

Baked Spaghetti, sourdough bread, salad

Breakfast for dinner. Not sure what exactly.

Haystacks (a taco salad type dish)

Mongolian Chicken

Barbecued smoked sausage sandwiches on sourdough rolls.

Fried Rice

Side dishes will be whatever fruits and veggies I need to use from the crisper drawer and or freezer. Carrots, mushrooms, lettuce, broccoli, corn to name a few

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