Menu Plan for the Week of November 8th

Weekly Menu Plan with inexpensive dinner ideas.
One thing I’ve mentioned in almost all of my menu planning posts is if there is some part of menu planning that isn’t working for you change it. Right now I am smack dab in the middle of one of those changes.
I guess technically this would be two changes. Firstly, our suppers for the week are going to loosely follow a theme. The basic outline that my menu plans will be following are:

  • a big Sunday dinner type meal which essentially means something more complicated than my usual dinner
  • Mexican or Tex-Mex inspired
  • leftovers/planned overs
  • meatless
  • something noodly which could be Italian, a pasta based casserole, or a stir fry with noodles
  • some type of soup, stew or chili with sandwiches, homemade bread, and/or salad
  • then nearly everyone’s favorite pizza night.

Secondly I am assigning recipes to specific days. This hasn’t always worked the best for me in the past. However with the holidays approaching I need to make sure that I haven’t made all the easy stuff early in the week if I’m going to be busy on Friday.

  1. Sunday: Pulled Pork Sandwiches*,  jalapeño bacon potato salad, baked beans
  2. Monday : Copycat Combination Burritos with Green Sauce*,  Mexican Rice
  3. Tuesday: Barbecue Salad or Barbecue Stuffed Baked Potato with salad using leftover pulled pork for the barbecue
  4. Wednesday : Tostadas with leftover Mexican Rice
  5. Thursday: Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili*, homemade bread or rolls
  6. Friday: Blackened Chicken Alfredo*, sautéed spinach*, homemade rolls
  7. Saturday: Taco Pizza*, salad with Homemade Ranch Dressing 

Recipes marked with an asterisk (*) will be coming soon.

I am also making sweet tea and some lemon thumbprint cookies for treats. Not at the same time necessarily mind you.

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