Less Meat = More Money.::. Day 11 {31Days}

Chili Bean and Potato Stew

I don’t know how it is for your family but meat seems to take the biggest chunk from the grocery budget. One of the ways I combat this is by having one or more low meat or meat free dinner every week.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • A hearty stick to your ribs vegetarian stew like the chili bean and potato stew served with cornbread.
  • Potato Soup with bacon sprinkled on top and served with thick slices of wheat bread
  • Tostadas with leftover taco or fajita meat

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  1. I totally feel the same way, but my husband doesn’t think it’s a meal unless it’s made of meat! Maybe I should make something like this to try to convince him. 🙂

  2. You know I try to do meatless meals when I can, and I also am willing to allow a few convenience foods in our diet because we now have three nights a week where I’m just gone for several hours before dinner needs to be served and it has to be ‘ready fast’ because we have to head out again. I finally realized that I’m really not comfortable with any ‘meat’ type convenience food but there are a few meatless I am – it’s a good combination of qualities for times when I can’t really cook as I normally would.
    Choices that work well for us are:
    -frozen pierogies – sometimes I melt some cheese on top – depends on the rest of the food that day – with a salad it’s a great meal!
    -Frozen twice baked potatoes [ok, I make these and freeze them myself LOL] and whatever protein is in the fridge [often eggs]
    -Tortellini [with a nice tomato sauce – everyone loves it and it’s so EASY]

    • Oh! and I forgot another favorite – taco rice – I can toss the rice in the cooker on a timer with some taco seasoning – when it’s ready I mix with whatever I want to add and top with cheese and bake

  3. This looks so delicious, and a good substitute for meat!


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