Meal Planning 101 Challenge 2

The assignment for this week of the Happy Housewife’s Menu Planning 101 Challenge was to add five additional meals and your favorite side dishes.

Five more meals:

Pepper Steak

Swiss Steak

Chicken and Rice Casserole

Kielbasa and Scalloped Potato Casserole

One Dish Porkchops

Side dishes:

Refried Beans

Mashed potatoes

Macaroni and Cheese

Steamed cabbage


Corn-on the cob, whole kernel, creamed, fried

Green beans

Squash dressing

Fried potatoes

Potato salad

Green salad

Mexican rice

Broccoli casserole

french fries

Hashbrown casserole


Baked Potatoes


The reason fruit is nowhere in sight is because the concept of fruit as a side dish is something fairly new to me. It’s normally a snacky food or dessert at my house. I’m hoping to add more fruits as sides as I go along.


  1. The Happy Housewife says

    Great list! We have just started adding fruits to our meals as sides lately. Especially during the summer months when fruit is cheap.
    Kielbasa and Scalloped Potato Casserole sounds really good. Something my family would love!

    • Thanks for commenting, Toni. 🙂 We actually have two versions of Kielbasa and potato casserole. One uses a box of scalloped potatoes that I make when I need a fast meal and the other is a bit more homemade. I need to make them both and post them on here sometime soon.

  2. Your list is great! I swiped a few sides that I hadn’t thought of! I’d love to see the recipe for your squash dressing. I’ve never heard of it. Thanks for sharing your list!

  3. I love your recipes. I have gotten a ton of ideas from you. Thanks!

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