January Happenings

Unfortunately I still don’t have access full time to a working computer but over  Christmas I was able to use a computer to update the Recipe Index and make a few other changes. The new layout of the index is by category and is automatically updated when I post instead of me having to remember what I have and haven’t updated. I also removed the sidebar category buttons and left a drop down menu to clear up some of the clutter on the side bar.

Since I can’t really blog on my phone but I can use Facebook I am going to be more active on the Facebook page. Everyday in January I will be posting a recipe link for some cold weather comfort food. A few will be from here but the majority will be from other blogs. Even if you aren’t on Facebook you can still see the links. Hopefully one of the computers will be repaired soon and I can get back to sharing recipes.



  1. Love your recipe index – will be much easier for me to use!!!!!!!! Hopefully your computer will be repaired soon, and you will be up and running!

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