How to Make Shredded Chicken in Your Pressure Cooker

How to Make Shredded Chicken in Your Pressure Cooker so you have cooked chicken ready for casseroles, quesadillas, or any other recipe where you need already cooked and shredded chicken.

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Are you guys like me and have a meal planned where you need cooked chicken but forgot to take any out to thaw out? Never fear, with this technique you can start with frozen chicken and it still turns out perfectly. Actually, I use frozen chicken ninety percent of the time.

You can also use boneless skinless breasts or thighs depending on what you like better. This batch is thighs because I found a good deal.

How to Make Shredded Chicken in Your Pressure Cooker

Place chicken in the inserts of an Instant Pot or another brand electric pressure cooker

Add  water or chicken broth

Sprinkle chicken with salt

Cook on high pressure for 20 minutes and do a natural pressure release

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How to Make Shredded Chicken in Your Pressure Cooker

Author Micha M


  • 3 pounds boneless skinless chicken breasts or thighs fresh or frozen
  • 1 cup water or chicken broth
  • to taste salt


  1. Place the chicken in the insert of the pressure cooker

  2. Add the water or broth

  3. Sprinkle the chicken with salt

  4. Place lid on cooker and make sure the vent is sealed

  5. Cook on high pressure for 20 minutes. Some pressure cookers will have a manual button and other ones will have a pressure cook button.

  6. When the time is up on the cooker cancel the keep warm function if it's on and let the pressure cooker do a natural pressure release. That will take 20-25 minutes or so

  7.  Carefully remove the lid 

  8. Remove the chicken from the pressure cooker and shred moistening with liquids from the pressure cooker if desired

  9. Use as needed in a recipe or cool and package for freezing

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