Groceries for Three Under $125. First Budget-Friendly Grocery Trip for April.

My Weekly Groceries for Three Under $125. See what I bought to feed my crew the first week in April.

Hey guys, I said in the What’s On Our Table April 2018 post that I would start sharing my grocery shopping trips here on the blog. Here is the first in the new feature.

This isn’t the usual week’s grocery trip for us. We don’t normally purchase so many sweets like we did this week but I guess the sweet tooth was strong in all of us this week.

You may also notice I didn’t buy any dinner type meat. That’s because we had a bunch of ground chuck from when it was on sale a couple of weeks ago and there is quite a bit of chicken in the freezer.

We also had milk, bread, and vegetables on hand so there wasn’t any need to buy more. Next week will feature more of those.

Our weekly grocery and household budget is usually $100. Some weeks it’s a bit lower and other weeks it can be a bit higher. It does include any cleaning products, personal products, paper products, and usually pet food as well.

Groceries in Alabama are taxed at the same rate as non grocery items. The amount varies depending on where live. My area is pretty much at a 10% tax rate.

I feed between two and five people on any given night depending on which configuration of niece and nephews are here. My usual grocery stops are Walmart, Aldi, Winn Dixie, two local Mom and Pop grocery chains, and Sam’s Club.

Weekly Groceries for Three Under $125


This isn’t a usual stop for us. But we had an errand not too far away and it’s close to Sam’s Club and we were going there anyway so we stopped in here.

  • Eggs: 2 @ $.99 each $1.98 total
  • Easter Egg Dye $2.50

Total: $4.93
Sam's Club food. Sweet Rolls, Mayonnaise, Honey Buns. Groceries for Three Under $125

Sam’s Club:

This was our big stop of the week. My intentions were only to pick up mayonnaise, heat and serve bacon, and Pepper Jack Cheese. We ended up picking up a few other items and it was a good thing because Aldi was out of the kind of dinner rolls I wanted.

We did have a couple of impulse buys if you can guess what they are.

  • Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls $5.98
  • Honey Buns  2 @4.48 each
  • Mini Sub Rolls $5.48
  • Apple Turnovers $4.98
  • Double Pack of Mayo $8.88
  • Two Pounds Pepper Jack Cheese $7.78
  • Heat and Serve Bacon $11.98

Total: $59.44
Groceries from Walmart Groceries for Three Under $125


This is not a usual Walmart trip for us but it was the day before Easter and the call of candy was strong. I needed the doughnuts for a recipe so I kept how many I needed out and froze the rest for later.

  • Root Beer  2 @ $1 each
  • Garlic Bread 2 @ 1.39 each
  • 2 Candy Filled Easter Eggs $4
  • Reese’s Egg  $2.98
  • Sour Cream and Onion Chips  $2.98
  • Baker’s Dozen Glazed Doughnuts $2.93

Total $19.44


One of my favorite parts of living where I do now is Aldi being a local store. We do a lot of our shopping there and some weeks this is the only store we go to but that obviously wasn’t the case this week.

  • Coke 2L 2 @ 1.56 each
  • Microwave Popcorn $1.69
  • Corn Tortillas $1.29
  • Mozzarella $1.79
  • Deli Slice Provolone $1.79

Total $10.65

Local Mom and Pop Grocery Store:

As the heading states, this is a local family owned grocery store. You’ll notice dog food and a couple other non-food items are on this list. Yes, we consider dog food and other household items in our grocery budget. Pretty much if you find it in a non-supercenter grocery store I take it out of the grocery budget. That may change at one point but not now.

  • Dog Food 2 @1.79 each. Yes, I know that’s cheap dog food but it’s her favorite. We’ve tried other brands but keep coming back to this kind. Those were the small 3 lb bags
  • Dog Toy $1.00
  • Green Tomatoes $1.99 Perfect for Fried Green Tomatoes or in a Fried Green Tomato BLT
  • Frosted Flakes $2.50
  • Foil $1
  • Tomatoes $2.20
  • Strawberries 2/$4
  • Jalapeno Ketchup 2 @ $1.89 each
  • MTN Dew 2 @$.99 each
  • Baking Potatoes $2.05
  • Kitchen Towels $1.99

Total $29.23

Groceries for Three Under $125 Grand Total: $118.76

We went over budget by $19 but the dinner rolls, mini sub rolls,  garlic bread, and possibly the doughnuts are enough for the entire month. I stashed them in the freezer in freezer bags ready to thaw when I need them.

We also don’t normally buy 6 two liter bottles of soda.

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