Groceries for Three for Less Than $90

Looking to see what budget grocery shopping looks like in my neck of the woods? Groceries for Three for Less Than $90 can help you do that.

Groceries for Three for Less Than $90 collage

I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a budget grocery haul. One week everything was so crazy we ate the food before I could snap pictures and the next two weeks we ate from the pantry.

But I’m back this week and came in under budget.

Our weekly grocery and household budget is usually $100. Some weeks it’s a bit lower and other weeks it can be a bit higher. It does include any cleaning products, personal products, paper products, and usually pet food as well.

Groceries in Alabama are taxed at the same rate as non grocery items. The amount varies depending on where you live. My area is pretty much at a 10% tax rate.

I feed between two and five people on any given night depending on which configuration of niece and nephews are here. My usual grocery stops are Walmart, Aldi, Winn Dixie, two local Mom and Pop grocery chains, and Sam’s Club.


Here are All of the Groceries for Three for Less Than $90

This week we shopped at Aldi, Winn Dixie and one of the local Mom and Pop chains.


We made two different Aldi stops this week which is unusual.

Aldi stop #1:

  • Sliced Pepperoni $2.19
  • Red Seedless Grapes  2.45lb @ $1.19 per pound  $2.92 total
  • 1 2Liter Soda $1.60

Total $7.38

Aldi stop #2

This was a weekly grocery trip not just pick up a few things on our way to the park trip. This is a much longer list.

  • 1 lb box penne $0.79
  • Green enchilada sauce $1.89
  • White sandwich bread $0.85
  • Microwave popcorn $1.69
  • Whole Milk $1.08
  • Corn Tortillas $1.29
  • Monterey Jack Cheese $1.69
  • Peanut Butter Filled Cookies $0.95
  • Fudge Mint Cookies $0.95
  • Barbecue Sauce  2 at $1.99 each
  • Soda 2L $1.60
  • Ham Lunch Meat $3.19 for 16 ounces
  • Sour Cream $0.99 for 16 ounces
  • Potato Chips 2 at $1.09 each
  • Green Bell Pepper $1.89 for three

Total: $27.63


Winn Dixie

One of my favorite Winn Dixie things is the Saturday and Sunday only sales. They normally have a couple of screaming hot deals a month. This trip was turkey breast for $.99 a pound. Yes, in April. We like turkey all year long so of course, I took advantage.

This was another two stop shop. That’s because we weren’t sure if we’d have the money for two turkey breasts so we got one then went back for another.

Two Frozen Turkey Breasts

Winn Dixie Trip #1

  • 2 King Size Candy Bars bogo for $1.79. This is what happens when I shop with the auntlings. But the two candy bars were divided among four people
  • Turkey Breast $6.81 for  6.88 lbs of turkey
  • French Onion Dip $3.99 for a pretty large container

Total: $13.27

Winn Dixie Trip #2

  • 4 King Sized Candy Bars $3.58
  • Turkey Breast $7.56 for  7.64 lbs of turkey
  • Tub Margarine $2.65. This is what we like for toast and grilled cheese

Total: $15.03


Local Mom and Pop Chain

This is a cost-plus store where they add 10% to the total bill in addition to tax. The grocery stores here all seem to run the same meats and most of the same vegetables at the same time. It’s easy for me to compare and see who has the best prices even with the additional 10 percent.

This week the other local chain has the ribs for a penny a pound cheaper. Since we were stopping here anyway we decided to get them here.

Two bags of Red Potatoes

  • Country Style Pork Ribs 6 lbs at $1.34lb  $7.96
  • 10 pounds red potatoes $2.98
  • Whole Green Chiles 2 cans at $1.45 each. These weren’t on the list but are not easy to find especially at this price
  • Baked Beans $1.45
  • 20 Packs of KoolAid.  $2.00 Not the healthiest drink I know but the kids like it for a treat. This will probably be enough to get us through the summer.

Total $20.99


We definitely bought Groceries for Three for Less Than $90. It was actually less than $85 which is good.

One of the reasons I wanted to start this was the fact I needed to reign my grocery spending in and this keeps me accountable.

For those of you wondering about the vegetables, we had a decent stockpile of frozen and canned veggies. So that’s why there is a lack of vegetables. However, we have used most of them up so next week will feature more vegetables.

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