Groceries for Three for Less Than 90 Dollars

Groceries for Three for Less Than 90 Dollars

Groceries for Three for Less Than 90 Dollars. Aldi Groceries in a shopping cart collage

So all my grand plans of switching to once a month grocery shopping in June are by the wayside. Our overflow fridge and freezer quit working for good. In January it was our only fridge but it started acting weird so we knew its days were numbered and we got another fridge.

Our chest freezer is filled to the brim so we’re going to have to eat as much as we can and defrost it. That will probably take all of June.

I was really hoping for a June start date but in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t a big deal.

One change it brings is I’m not going to worry so much about keeping the budget under 50 dollars this month. Instead, I will be strategically adding a few pantry staples in this month to stretch next month’s money.

Our weekly grocery and household budget is usually $100. Some weeks it’s a bit lower and other weeks it can be a bit higher. It does include any cleaning products, personal products, paper products, and usually pet food as well.

Groceries are taxed at the same rate as general merchandise in Alabama and the going rate in my area is 10 percent.

I feed between two and five people on any given night depending on which configuration of niece and nephews are here. That ends up being some combination of two adult females, a preteen boy, preteen girl, and preschool boy.

My usual grocery stops are Walmart, Aldi, Winn Dixie, two local Mom and Pop grocery chains, and Sam’s Club.


I’ve been relying on Aldi a lot more for groceries lately. They have the best everyday prices in our area and I can do the bulk of my shopping there.

  • Lettuce 2/$0.85 each
  • White Mushrooms 2/$0.99 each
  • Penne $0.79
  • Hamburger Buns 2/$0.85 each
  • Corn Tortillas $1.39
  • Hot Sauce $0.85
  • Pork Sausage $1.99
  • Fries $1.65
  • Ground Turkey 2/$1.99 each
  • Sour Cream $0.99
  • Pepper Jack Deli Sliced Cheese  $1.69
  • Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls $1.99
  • Parmesan Cheese $2.29
  • Refried Beans 2/$.75 each
  • Avocado $0.89
  • Dill Pickles $1.39
  • Wavy Potato Chips $1.09
  • Tub Margarine $1.99

ALDI TOTAL: $32.95


This trip was mostly for strawberry shortcake and fresh strawberry pie supplies.

  • Mini Marshmallows $0.96
  • Dessert Shells 2/$1.47 each
  • Mello Yello $1.00
  • Cornstarch $1.18
  • Strawberry Gelatin $0.52
  • Shortbread Pie Crust $1.92
  • Two Whipped Toppings $3.19
  • French Onion Dip $2.64


Local Chain #1

I hadn’t planned on spending that much on ground beef but they didn’t have any packs that were about 5 pounds. That meant I had to get two packs around 3.5 pounds each.

  • 7.25 pounds ground beef $14.26
  • Coke 2Liter 2/$0.95 each

TOTAL: $19.57

Local Chain #2

Two of the items here were things I either forgot at Aldi or they didn’t have. I was putting the groceries in the car when I realized I had forgotten to get a block of cheese to shred for beef and bean chalupas and cheesy potato packets. Aldi was slap covered up, for those of you not from the south that means extremely busy. My time was worth more than the price difference on the cheese especially since at the mom and pop store I had to walk right by the cheese.

  • Dog Food 2/$1.79 each
  • Stick Margarine $1.99
  • Cheddar Cheese 1 lb $3.99
  • Ham Lunch Meat 1 lb $2.79
  • Bologna $1.69
  • Baking Potatoes $2.56
  • Candy Bars 2/$0.89 each

TOTAL: $20.22


We got quite a bit of food buying Groceries for Three for Less Than 90 Dollars.

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