Groceries for Three for Less than 80 Dollars

See how I got Groceries for Three for Less than 80 Dollars including my favorite way to save on name brand bread.

Groceries for Three for Less than 80 Dollars

Not too many pictures this week and what I did get was all bread. I managed to hurt my foot Saturday afternoon so I had to stay off my feet for a few days.

This week we headed to our local bakery outlet, or as it is known in our house the bread store. We haven’t been in ages because we just didn’t think about going.

When all three auntlings here we go through a loaf of bread every 24 hours or so. That’s just in peanut butter or PB & J sandwiches.

Bread Store:

  • Hamburger Buns $0.89 These were on sale at several different grocery stores or dollar stores near me for 2 dollars each so this was an amazing price.
  • Blackberry Jelly $2.89 This is one item I probably could have gotten for less somewhere else but we were out and I knew the youngest nephew would be requesting “black jelly” sandwiches
  • 7 loaves sandwich bread $6.93 This is a pretty good deal for bread not bought at Aldi. We had never tried this particular brand before and we liked it.
  • Mini Powdered Sugar Donuts $1.59 The kids wanted a treat
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Snack Cakes $1. These were my treat.
  • Mini Pecan Pie $0.79 My oldest nephew’s choice.
  • 2 Loaves Texas toast Free. Our local store has a rack at the front filled with Free with minimum purchase loaves of bread and buns. We got enough for two items and picked the Texas toast.

TOTAL: $15.93

Local Mom and Pop Grocery Store

  • Dog Food $1.79
  • Five-pound bag Red Potatoes $2.99
  • Four pounds of ground chuck $11.93
  • Four Tortillas $3.09 Aldi was out of burrito sized tortillas and this was our last stop

Total: $21.78


  • 1 dozen eggs $1.57
  • Buttermilk $1.59
  • Whole Milk $1.29
  • Lettuce 2/$0.85 each
  • Mayonnaise $1.89
  • Peanut Butter $1.15
  • Blue Cheese Crumbles $2.29
  • Sharp Cheddar $1.69
  • Sour Cream 3/$0.99 each
  • Heat and Serve Bacon $2.49
  • Tub Margarine $1.99

Total: $22.69

Dollar General

I’ve mentioned before that household products like laundry detergent and dish soap are part of the grocery budget.

We were really low on laundry detergent and completely out of fabric softener. Thankfully Dollar General had a good sale combined with digital coupons.

  • Laundry detergent: $2.25
  • Fabric softener $2.35

Total: $4.60

Grand Total:$65.46

My Groceries for Three for Less than 80 Dollars actually ended up being less than 70 dollars. When I made the image I hadn’t totaled everything yet. I knew I spent less than 80 bucks because that’s what I had and part of that was spent on ice cream at a fast food place on Sunday.
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