Groceries for Three For Less Than 60 Dollars

I’m getting my grocery budget under control in May. I purchased Groceries for Three For Less Than 60 Dollars without coupons.
Groceries for Three For Less Than 60 Dollars

Last week I mentioned in my groceries for three under 70 dollars post that my goal for May was $50 per week.

I did not meet that goal this week. Aldi was out of a few things I needed so I had to make a trip to Walmart. It had been so long since I had done more than pick up sour cream and markdowns that I had forgotten how much more expensive some stuff can be. Of course, only one thing I needed came in a store brand which made the difference.

If you’re curious to see what I’m making with these groceries see the May 2018 Monthly Menu Plan.

Our weekly grocery and household budget is usually $100. Some weeks it’s a bit lower and other weeks it can be a bit higher. It does include any cleaning products, personal products, paper products, and usually pet food as well.

Groceries are taxed at the same rate as general merchandise in Alabama and the going rate in my area is 10 percent.

I feed between two and five people on any given night depending on which configuration of niece and nephews are here. That ends up being some combination of two adult females, a preteen boy, preteen girl, and preschool boy.

My usual grocery stops are Walmart, Aldi, Winn Dixie, two local Mom and Pop grocery chains, and Sam’s Club.

Winn Dixie

We have become quite the Winn Dixie shoppers since I’ve been trying to cut the grocery bill. We didn’t get a ton this trip. But other than the $1.50 apple requested by the youngest nephew we got some good deals.

  • Brown Rice 2 @ $.69 each $1.38
  • Granny Smith Apple $1.50 
  • Limes 6/$1.00
  • Bananas 3.06 lb @ $0.59/ lb $1.81



  • Egg Noodles $1.09
  • All-Purpose Flour  $1.15
  • Cilantro $0.79
  • Red Potatoes $2.99
  • Sharp Cheddar 2 @ $1.69 each
  • Pork Breakfast Sausage $1.99
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches $1.99
  • A gallon of Milk $1.08
  • Cheese Crackers $1.49
  • Heat and Serve Bacon $2.49
  • Sandwich Bread $0.85
  • Sour Cream 3 @ $0.99
  • Minced Garlic $1.79
  • 1 dozen Eggs $1.29
  • Jalapeno Peppers $0.89
  • Avocado $0.49
  • Dill Pickles $1.39
  • White Button Mushrooms $1.29
  • Roma Tomatoes $0.69
  • Refried Beans $0.75
  • Canned Pinto Beans $1.05

ALDI TOTAL: $35.06


I had not planned on going here at all. However, Aldi was out of vegetable broth/stock,  burrito sized flour tortillas and red enchilada sauce. I also didn’t get enough cheese and forgot to get hash browns.

  • Burrito Sized Flour Tortillas $2.64
  • Vegetable Broth Base $3.72
  • Colby Jack Cheese $2.22
  • 28 oz can Red Enchilada Sauce $2.98
  • Frozen Potatoes O’Brien $2.34


Dollar Tree

This was another completely unplanned stop. The youngest nephew fell and scraped up his knees at the park so I went in and grabbed some bandages and antibiotic cream.

  • Adhesive bandages $1
  • Antibiotic Cream $1



Even though I went over my planned budget by $9 getting groceries for three for less than 60 dollars isn’t too bad. I just need to make sure I come in under budget the next three weeks.

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