Groceries for Five for Less Than 40 Dollars

Groceries for Five for Less Than 40 Dollars

Groceries for Five for Less Than 40 Dollars

Let me state that this was not a typical shopping trip. In the June Monthly Menu Plan post, I mentioned that we had a car repair that cost about double what had been expected so we were tightening the belt on groceries. This week’s post and next week’s post reflect that with much lower than normal totals.

This is one time I am super thankful for stocking up on family packs of meat because pardon the pun that has saved our bacon more than once.

Another way I make super low budgets stretch is to make a couple of big pots of soup or chili and serve them as many ways possible. This week I made two batches of hearty two bean chili and we had regular chili twice, a casserole with chili and corn tortillas, Frito Pie burritos, and chili mac. For those of you wondering I made chili on two different days so we didn’t eat week-old chili.

In case you are wondering why my other grocery haul posts say three and this one says five it’s because school is out for the summer and I will have all of the niece and nephews for at least four days a week now. It will be like this until about halfway through August when school starts back up.


Our weekly grocery and household budget is usually $100. Some weeks it’s a bit lower and other weeks it can be a bit higher. It does include any cleaning products, personal products, paper products, and usually pet food as well.

Groceries are taxed at the same rate as general merchandise in Alabama and the going rate in my area is 10 percent.

I feed between two and five people on any given night depending on which configuration of niece and nephews are here. That ends up being some combination of two adult females, a preteen boy, preteen girl, and preschool boy.

My usual grocery stops are Walmart, Aldi, Winn Dixie, two local Mom and Pop grocery chains, and Sam’s Club.

Here’s The Cost Breakdown of Groceries for Five for Less Than 40 Dollars


  • Pork and Beans 4 @$0.49 each
  • Macaroni and Cheese 3/$0.33 each
  • Green Beans 2/$0.49 each
  • 2 Pounds Dried Pinto Beans $1.49
  • Vidalia Onions 2 bags/$0.99 each
  • Instant Mashed Potatoes 2/$1.29 each
  • Hot Dogs 2/$0.79 each
  • Elbow Macaroni $1.39
  • Corn Chips $0.89
  • Tomato Juice 2/$1.39 each
  • Black Beans 2 lbs $2.49
  • Green Bell Peppers $1.89
  • Milk $1.29
  • Cheddar Cheese 2/$1.69 each
  • Barbecue Sauce $0.99
  • Burrito sized flour tortillas $1.29
  • Brown Sugar $0.99
  • Peanut Butter $1.29
  • Chili Powder $0.99
  • Paprika $0.99


As you can see I did get more than just stuff for chili. One night I made a double batch of Easy Beans and Franks and we had some mashed potatoes as a side. The next night we had Instant Pot Country Style ribs with leftover beans and franks and mac and cheese as the side dishes.

Not much variety with Groceries for Five for Less Than 40 Dollars and quite honestly we were a bit tired of chili by the time Friday and meatloaf rolled around. But we were all fed and that’s the main point.

The beginning of the pantry challenge was a surprise but I have a better plan for next week. It does not include 12 quarts of chili.

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