Freezer Cooking Tips and Tricks

Here are some are some tips and tricks to be sure that meals freeze successfully.


Tips and Tricks on How To Freeze Meals


Know What Freezes Well

Some foods such as mayonnaise and recipes containing cream don’t freeze well because the fat and water separate and it curdles. Vegetables containing high levels of water such as lettuce and cabbage are also not freezer friendly.

Potatoes are on the iffy list. I’ve made a few soup and stew recipes with potatoes and they’ve been fine but I’ve read multiple places not to freeze them. Granted the dishes I’ve made have had cooked potatoes in them so that might make the difference.

Undercook rice and pasta for casseroles slightly to prevent mushy food later.

Practice Food Safety

Keep all foods within the recommended temperature ranges. Thaw foods in the refrigerator and don’t refreeze thawed food. Make sure to heat casseroles and other dishes to at least 165 degrees and cook meats to their recommended temperatures.

Also do not put a hot glass or ceramic dish on a cold surface and alternately don’t place a cold dish in a hot oven. I usually let the cold dish sit out while the oven preheats to take the chill off.


You Don’t Have to Buy a Ton of Casserole Dishes To Freezer Cook

Unless it’s a something like lasagna or enchiladas where the dish needs to keeps it’s shape I’m more likely to freeze something in a reusable container or even a zip top freezer bag. In instance like Chicken and Rice Casserole where there is a topping I either put it in a labeled bag or make sure I have it on hand when I want to serve it.

Plastic freezer jars are another good type of container and are perfect for freezing individual portions of soups and even smoothies.


Think Outside the Casserole

I like to bulk cook dried beans and freeze in recipe sized portions instead of buying canned beans.  Homemade meat sauce and four cheese garlic bread can be combined with some dried pasta for a quick and easy meal that came almost entirely from the freezer.

Muffins such as lemon poppy seed or blueberry are also prime candidates for easy freezing.


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