Favorite Kitchen Tools and Appliances: Food Processor

My food processor is something I didn’t know I wanted until I had one. Now I can’t imagine freezer cooking without it.

It makes quick work of cabbage for potstickers and shreds carrots finely enough that even the non carrot likers will eat them in stir fries and casseroles. It is also great for slicing potatoes to make scalloped potatoes

One of my favorite things about my food processor is the 2 sizes of work bowls. If I need a smaller amount of something or if I’m chopping something small like garlic or ginger I can use the 4 cup bowl instead of the big bowl.

Do you use a food processor?

Links provided for informational purposes. Farberware doesn’t have a clue who I am.


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  1. I have always wondered if I needed a good food processor. I have a mini-chopper that I use a lot, but I’m sure a good food processor would be useful too.

    • I have a mini chopper as well that I mostly use when I need a bunch of garlic or fresh ginger minced and I don’t want to lug out the food processor.

  2. Like you, I love my food processor….has so many uses!! Could not do without it!

    • What surprised me the most about mine was how quickly I can make biscuits and pie crusts in it. Takes just a few pulses and it’s done.

  3. I bought myself a processor a few weeks ago, and very shockingly I have not used it yet! I had just started a really strict diet so all the almond butter and shredded cheese I was envisioning didn’t happen. It’s waiting patiently for me to get off this diet and back into cooking. 🙂

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