February Monthly Menu

I’ve been planing a monthly menu for about a year now.  One advantage that I have found is we spend a lot less on groceries.  We don’t go hungry and we eat the same types of meals we always have but somehow we spend about half of what we used to when we weekly shopped.

February 2010 Menu

Sloppy Joe Stuffed Potatoes and corn

Ham and Cheese Sandwiches, chips and dip

Takeout Pizza

Beef Stew, rolls

TostadasX 3 Those are one of my dad’s favorite meals.

Beef Enchilada Bake X2

Tacos X 3 My dad’s all time favorite meal.


Lasagna X 2

Stuffed Pizza Bites X2

Fauxtisserie Chicken

Chicken and Gnocchi Soup

Puff Pancake my apple puff pancake recipe without the apple topping

Pork chops and gravy, potatoes and biscuits

Taco Soup

Kielbasa Casserole

Chicken Planks

Cabbage Rolls

French Dip Sandwiches

Baked French Toast

White Bean Soup

Egg Rolls and veggie stir fry

This post is link to  Menu Plan Monthly at Mommy’s Kitchen


  1. Micha your menu looks great. I cant wait for the kielbasa casserole and the baked french toast. I will keep a look out for them. I thought i had you on my blog roll, but I dont. I am adding you now.

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