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Dixieland Pork Chops recipe from the Smithfield site

I had noticed the recipe in The Lady & Sons, Too! countless times but this with the first time I had made the recipe. I’m usually not a fan of pork chops so I don’t cook them too often and that’s why even though I have owned the book for about four years I have never made them.

As is my usual fashion, I made some tweaks to Paula’s recipe based on what we had in the house. We didn’t have the condensed soup or the broiled mushrooms so I substituted condensed cheddar cheese sauce, the kind they put on your nachos at the movie theater snack bar, and a little chicken broth with some Worcestershire sauce added. Also, instead of baking it in the oven after browning the chops I tossed it all in my handy slow cooker. That was a smart move on my part because my nephew was a handful that day and I couldn’t imagine trying to have cooked this during his grumpiest part of the day

It was good, but a little too cheesy tasting for me. That was most likely because of the cheese sauce instead of soup. It also seemed like it could have used something to give it a bit more of a zing, like some hot sauce maybe. I think with a bit more playing around it would totally rock.

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  1. They look great! Maybe you’ll like them better next time. The slowcooker idea was a good one. I think I will try that next time!

    • I liked it more than the post seemed to show and I think with the actual ingredients I would love this recipe.

  2. I like the slow cooker idea, too! They look yummy!

  3. I like the slow cooker idea. I’m tired of cooking after this weekend!! 🙂 I never thought of that, but good idea. I do agree that the cheddar cheese soup is probably better than the nacho variety, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!! 🙂

    Really nice photo!

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