Chocolate Chip Pound Cake: My Girl, Paula!


The pic is a little on the wonky side. It’s overcast and I was trying to get a good angle that would let the little bit of natural light in so I could avoid flash.

This is a really good cake. It is beyond moist with the amount of eggs and the two pudding mixes. I am already thinking up variations of the chocolate/chocolate chip flavor like a double vanilla with peanut butter chips or vanilla/butterscotch with white chips.

Since my large Bundt pan has grown legs and walked off at my sister’s house I used a loaf pan and my four mini-Bundts. The only bad thing that happened was I burnt part of the cake. I had it a little too close to the oven wall and the top of one side ended up black. If you’d like to make the cake you can find the recipe at Alwayz Bakin’.



  1. We liked this cake, too. Yours looks delicious! Peanut-butter chips would be so good in this cake. That’s a really good idea.

  2. I never got around to making this weekend, but I am sooo making it this week!

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