Easy Gnocchi

Gnocchi are little potato dumplings and I love them. You can do so many things with them. They are fabulous in soup, you can top them with your favorite pasta sauce, or even just toss them with some … [Read more...]

Yellow Squash and Onion Sauté

Yellow squash and onion sauté is a perfect summer side. Yellow squash is a vegetable I don't cook very often and when I do it is usually in the form of squash dressing or less frequently fried … [Read more...]

Arroz con Tomate

This is the second Mexican rice dish I have on the blog. The other Mexican rice is more like the kind in a box that uses diced tomatoes. This one uses tomato sauce and has diced onion and bell pepper … [Read more...]

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Buffalo chicken salad is a great main dish salad. Shredded or chopped chicken is mixed with Buffalo sauce, added to a simple mix of veggies, and topped with a delicious homemade blue cheese … [Read more...]

Ranch Roasted Potatoes

Ranch Roasted Potatoes are simple and versatile. This side dish pairs well with green chile cheeseburgers or jalapeño bacon cheeseburgers.    I make roasted potatoes fairly often. They … [Read more...]

Sautéed Kale

This is really a no recipe recipe. Kale is one of my favorite green vegetables and this is a quick and easy way to prepare it. I have some other recipes coming in the next couple of months that use … [Read more...]

Parmesan Herb Orzo

Parmesan Herb Orzo is yet another quick and easy side dish. Orzo is a pasta that is similar in shape and size to rice. You might have to search a bit to find it on the shelf. My local stores that … [Read more...]