May 2018 Monthly Menu Plan

Looking for dinner ideas that will make your family and your wallet happy? My May 2018 Monthly Menu Plan will do just that. In my April 2018 Menu Plan, I mentioned that I am switching from … [Read more...]

Groceries for Three for Less Than $90

Looking to see what budget grocery shopping looks like in my neck of the woods? Groceries for Three for Less Than $90 can help you do that. I know it's been a few weeks since I've done a budget … [Read more...]

Groceries for Three Under $125. First Budget-Friendly Grocery Trip for April.

My Weekly Groceries for Three Under $125. See what I bought to feed my crew the first week in April. Hey guys, I said in the What's On Our Table April 2018 post that I would start sharing my … [Read more...]

What’s On Our Table April 2018

A month's worth of budget-friendly dinners in What's On Our Table. As you can see this isn't the normal What's On Our Table post. If you have read the blog since the beginning or at least since … [Read more...]

What’s On Our Table Week 18

It's a Pantry Challenge What's On Our Table. After a two month absence What's On Our Table is back.  I'm making a few changes to the posts. First of all, it will now go up on Sunday morning … [Read more...]

What’s On Our Table Week 17

See What's On Our Table this week. Some weeks the meal plan goes perfectly and others it's more of a guide. Last week was definitely a guided week. I had some ham that I thawed that I needed … [Read more...]

What’s On Our Table Week 16

A taste of Thanksgiving and some delicious and comforting soups are What's On Our Table. I am smack dab in the middle of recipe testing for the holidays if you couldn't guess with the mini … [Read more...]