Menu Planning Basics: A New Series

Do you find yourself eating the same few things over again for dinner? Are you eating more take out and fast food than you would like? Well, the new series Menu Planning Basics: Beat the Dinner Time … [Read more...]

August Menu and Freezer Cooking Plan

Well, after a four month absence I am back on what will probably be a monthly basis. Since I have been introduced to the wonder that is freezer cooking by FishMama and Crystal most of my cooking has … [Read more...]

February Monthly Menu

I've been planing a monthly menu for about a year now.  One advantage that I have found is we spend a lot less on groceries.  We don't go hungry and we eat the same types of meals we always have but … [Read more...]

February 1st Menu Plan

I finally have a working computer again so I will be posting regularly once more. There will be another menu post from me later on in the week after I get our monthly menu finished but here is what … [Read more...]

Menu for the Week of December 20 2009

Wow I cannot believe it's only five days until Christmas. This year has flown by and doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. I hate not being around here. My computer quit on me again the day … [Read more...]

Menu Plan October 5th

Breakfasts aren't very creative around here right now. It's usually cold cereal or toast and ham or some fruit. Lunch: Mini Mummies a twist on pigs in a blanket. Baked Sandwiches Chicken Salad … [Read more...]

Meal Planning 101 Challenge 2

The assignment for this week of the Happy Housewife's Menu Planning 101 Challenge was to add five additional meals and your favorite side dishes. Five more meals: Pepper Steak Swiss … [Read more...]