Putting it all together: Menu Planning Basics

So you have your Master Menu and you know what your week looks like so we’re ready to make the actual menu. Your going to need a few supplies: pen or pencil, paper, and your grocery store sales ad(s). … [Read more...]

A Look at Your Week: Menu Planning Basics

Last week we talked about why you should menu plan and this week we’re discussing things that you need to look at before you make out your plan. In order for your plan to go smoothly you need to have … [Read more...]

Menu Plan : March 21 2011

Last week's menu went remarkably well. The jambalaya, which was a new dish to all of us, was a hit. I must confess though that I didn't use shrimp because none of us like it. I had forgotten how much … [Read more...]

The Master Menu: Menu Planning Basics

  I don’t know if it’s just me but there are times when we eat the same meals over and over for weeks. When that happens it’s usually because I simply cannot think if anything else we like. One … [Read more...]

Menu Plan for the week of March 14

My clean out the pantry menu was successful even when the day didn’t go as planned. We did our big shop for the month on Saturday so now I have a full pantry and fridge. Surprisingly we have nowhere … [Read more...]

Why should I menu plan?: Menu Planning Basics

You might be dragging your feet around about menu planning. You might have tried it in the past and it didn't work very well and are wondering if you should really try it again. I believe everyone … [Read more...]

Menu Plan for the week of 3-7-11

This week is a clean out the pantry and freezer edition. The big monthly shop will probably happen on Saturday so I need to make sure I have room for everything. Mixed bean soup {from the freezer … [Read more...]