Family Favorites Friday.

Every family has their favorite dishes and traditions. Maybe it's a big pot of chili to warm you up after a football game in the yard or Aunt Ruth's famous potato salad. Here is your chance to share … [Read more...]

Coming the week of August 23 2009

An entire week of child friendly recipes. There will be a couple of desserts, a breakfast item or two, possibly a side dish, main dishes and breads. Also if you have a chance please vote in the poll … [Read more...]

The first “recipe” I ever had published

I guess being a food blogger was just meant to be, ;) … [Read more...]

Good News

I have a new to me camera. :) I will be ordering the battery and charger tomorrow and should have it by next Monday. I will be running posts from the blogspot Cookin' Mimi until then. When everything … [Read more...]

A quick note…

The reason I have been missing around here is I broke my mom's camera so I have been unable to phtograph anything I've cooked but she should be getting a new one in the next week or so then I will be … [Read more...]

A bit of a break

There aren't going to be any new posts for a few days because I am under the weather and don't feel like eating let alone cooking. I may copy a few recipes from the old blog to post here for the next … [Read more...]

Welcome to the new home of Cookin’ Mimi.

Blogger has been giving me trouble with Cookin' Mimi so I decided to move on over to WordPress.  The blogspot blog will be left up with all recipes intact as an archive of sorts. I look forward to … [Read more...]