Budget Friendly Menu Day One

Budget Friendly Menu Day One- Dinner- Pasta and Red Sauce, Broccoli, and Breadsticks

I’m keeping today’s Budget Friendly Menu fairly simple. If you want to find out more information behind the series check out Grocery Shopping on a Budget and you can see what else I’m making over the next seven days on $100 Grocery Challenge: Grocery Shopping on a Budget


Smoked Sausage and Toast:

Four slices toast $.55. This was from a loaf of store bought white wheat bread. At six am I need something easy especially when I’m making lunch at the same time.


Smoked Sausage links  $.56 for two

Total: $1.11


Creamy Ham and Veggie Pasta Salad 
$5.37 for a whole recipe which serves 8. It’s $.67 per serving. This will be lunch for a few days. Love cooking once and eating twice or thrice.


Angel Hair Pasta with Red Sauce, steamed broccoli and garlic bread sticks. Aldi didn’t have whole tomatoes so I’m trying my Neapolitan sauce with crushed tomatoes and dried basil instead of whole tomatoes and fresh parsley.

Pasta and red sauce total: 1.89 Broccoli: $.1.19

Budget Friendly Menu Day One- Breadsticks

Garlic bread sticks: .$75 for 8  and $.18 per serving


Pineapple $.89

Total for the day: 6.87



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