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I know I said in Friday’s post that there would be a new recipe today but I’m waiting on something really cool to add to the site. Something that I have to edit all 100+ recipes so I can add this to them.

So, I am trying to hold off on posting any new recipes until then. Next week are the Secret Recipe Club and Crazy Cooking Challenge reveal dates and those will be posted no matter what.

I didn’t want to go without posting so I am going to share a little sneak peek at the total redesign I’m doing.

Sneak peek of the new look. I am so excited

One of my favorite things about the new look is the revamped recipe index. Not only will you be able to find recipes using the category wide index shown above I’m creating drop down menus to allow to find recipes based on the course of the dish- main dish, side or salad, etc.- and main ingredients used.

Let’s say you’re in the mood for pie. You can easily find all the pie recipes in just a couple of clicks instead of wading through 6 pages of dessert recipes.

I’m shooting for a July 1st up and running date on the new look. It really depends on how long it takes to reformat the old recipes and get recipes tagged so I can get the drop down menus done correctly.

I really think all the new features will make the site more user friendly and just better all around.


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  1. Sounds as if the redesign is going to be fantastic!! Can’t wait to see it! Love your blog…….


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