Favorite Kitchen Gadgets: Bench /Bowl Scrapers


I’m starting off the series with the one of the least expensive and probably most used tools in my arsenal.



Bench scrapes are traditionally used to loosen the flour left over from kneading and rolling out bread and pastry dough from the counter. I almost always use a flexible cutting board to roll dough on so I rarely use it for that. But they are wonderful for cutting brownies, dividing bread dough into halves or quarters, or transferring mounds of chopped veggies to the cooking pot.

As you can see I have two. The metal one I got at Target several years back. I think it was 5 years ago but may have been longer than that. I probably use it the most for cutting scones or my fluffy yeast rolls into strips.

The red one is plastic and quite flexible and is perfect for scraping the inside of a bowl to get all the cake or brownie batter out or to smooth the top of your batter in the pan. I got it at the dollar store last summer or the summer before that.

Be sure to check back next Wednesday when I share another kitchen must have. If you miss a week I will have all the posts linked on the announcement post.

Do any of you, my fabulous readers, have a bench scrape?

None of these posts have been sponsored. These are all products that I have purchased or have been gifts from my family.

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