Bacon Ranch Deviled Eggs #FantasticalFoodFight

Bacon Ranch Deviled Eggs are a great appetizer or side dish for a holiday meal.
Bacon Ranch Deviled Eggs are a a tasty twist on the traditional. They are easy to make and a crowd pleaser.
Believe it or not I actually have a few recipes on the blog I don’t like. Not because they are bad recipes but because they are things I just don’t like. Classic potato salad is one of those recipes, deviled eggs is another. The common ingredient in both- hard cooked eggs. I don’t care for eggs and there are only a few ways that don’t involve cakes, pies, or brownies I will eat them.

When Sarah from Fantastical Sharing of Recipes announced that the inaugural food for the Fantastical Food Fight was deviled eggs I almost sat out. However, I decided to go ahead even if I’m not a fan.

At our family Thanksgiving dinner a couple weeks ago I tested my recipe. Everyone loved the bacon ranch deviled eggs. These are a super simple way to dress up the usual deviled egg plate.

Bacon Ranch Deviled Eggs

Peel and slice 6 hard cooked eggs vertically

Scoop out the yolks and place in a bowl

Mash yolks with a fork until fine crumbs have formed

Add in ranch dressing a Tablespoon at a time until desired consistency

Stir in crumbled cooked bacon

Add salt and pepper to taste

Fill reserved egg whites with filling and top with bacon if desired

Cajun Fried Chicken and Jazzed Up Baked Beans with Alabama Sweet Tea and Chocolate Bundt Cake with Pecans and Coconut for a picnic style meal all year long.

Bacon Ranch Deviled Eggs 

Course American
Cuisine Appetizer
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 12 egg halves
Author Micha @ Cookin' Mimi


  • 6 large hard cooked eggs
  • 3 to 4 Tablespoons ranch dressing
  • 1/2 pound cooked bacon crumbled
  • To taste salt
  • To taste pepper


  1. Peel and slice the eggs
  2. Place the yolks in a bowl and mash with a fork
  3. Stir in the ranch dressing a Tablespoon at a time until the desired creaminess is achieved
  4. Add most of the bacon, season to taste with salt and pepper and stir
  5. Fill the reserved egg whites and top with the reserved bacon

Recipe Notes

I use my homemade ranch dressing in the recipe. 

Add these bacon ranch deviled eggs to your potluck arsenal.

Be sure to see what other deviled egg creations are out there.

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  1. How sad to not like the theme dish. But that combo sounds great!

  2. How can these not be delicious using ranch and bacon!! YUM…sorry the theme wasn’t to your liking but next month is shortbread….Yay

  3. I almost sat out, too because I’ve never been a big deviled egg fan. I know plenty of people who go crazy over them, but I just figured they aren’t for me. All the recipes today are beginning to change my mind. There are so many ways to change them up! Bacon and Ranch sound so simple and obvious. Why have I never thought of that before! They look great.

  4. What a great and simple approach to jazzing up deviled eggs! I think I’ll try these for Thanksgiving next week.

  5. These look great! Did you like them?

  6. I just posted a recipe for pecan pie on my blog – and I hate pecan pie, so I totally get it LOL. My husband loves pecan pie and he loved the recipe I posted, so I have to take his word for it because I thought it was gross. I don’t like ranch, but I know my sister-in-law would LOVE these because she loves deviled eggs and ranch 🙂 I’m sure there are loads of people who would love this combo so you are a saint for making and posting them!! 🙂

  7. I have to admit to not being a fan of deviled eggs, but if anything could change my mind, I think it might be bacon and ranch!

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