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If you’ve been a reader of Cookin’ Mimi for awhile you know that I’ve been a long time reader of Money Saving Mom. Last October she put out a call to join the launch team for her upcoming book Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. I’m lucky enough to have been one of the people randomly chosen. Just an FIY no links in the post are affiliate links.


I’ll be sharing more about the book at a later time but one of the biggest takeaways I got from the book is without some sort of goals I’m going to continue floundering.  I’ve split my goals into two main categories: Personal and Blogging/Business

Personal Goals:

  1. Read at least six books for spiritual improvement this year. First up on the list is The Hour that Changes the World which is a book I actually found for free on Kindle about a year and a half ago.
  2. Drink  60 ounces of water daily for one month. I figure if I can do that for 30 days in a row it should become ingrained and a habit.
  3. Read through The Bible this year. I’m hoping to finish a Bible in 90 Days plan.
  4. Go to bed by 10 pm and wake between 5 and 6 am. I’m not a morning person by nature but I’ve noticed when I wake earlier I get more done even if the hours I’m awake haven’t changed in the least.

Blogging Goals:

  1. Read at least four books on blogging/social media. I’m doing How to Blog for Profit without Selling Your Soul with my fellow Inspired Bloggers over the next few weeks
  2. Establish “office hours”. I really need to have a set time to write, edit, and publish posts.
  3. Have a twenty-four unplugged period each week. I’m talking not turning on the computer, turning off the internet access on my phone.
  4. Post two to three recipes each week.
  5. Format all recipes using Ziplist
  6. Fix the recipe index. Instead of it taking you to the category/tag page when you click in the drop down menu I want an alphabetical listing of recipes.


  1. Oh my goodness, Crystal’s book was so good, wasn’t it? I can’t wait to the the hard copy to read again. Love all of your goals – especially the 24 hours unplugged period. Sometime I’m going to have to enact that one for myself. I’m posting my goals tomorrow.

  2. These are great goals! I plan to read the Bible through this year as well. I also loved How to Blog for Profit without Selling Your Soul – great, quick read with lots of tips to implement!

    Found you through MSM link up. 🙂

  3. Good luck with all your goals!!!!!


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