31 Days of Cooking at Home: A New Month Long Series

Are you looking to cut down on take out food deliveries and drive thru trips? Maybe you cook most of your meals but want to cut down on the processed foods in your diet? This series 31 days of cooking at home is for you.

31 days of cooking at home

All throughout the month I will be sharing my favorite fast and easy recipes, homemade versions of convenience foods, and tons of tips that will help keep you from last minute fast food runs.

While I cook 99% of what we eat, meaning no restaurant food, I do admit I still use some convenience foods. In fact for lunch today I made frozen breaded chicken strips. I am not and probably will never be a 100% whole foods cook. There are somethings I don’t think I could make a decent homemade version of. Sweet chili sauce, anyone? I have also never found a enchilada sauce recipe I like so we will stick to Las Palmas for now.

Every cook has to start somewhere and cooking at home means different things to different people. Maybe for dinner you did grab a frozen lasagna but made homemade ranch dressing for the salad and garlic and herb butter dip biscuits.

I have found over the years that making food from scratch can be a lot more cost effective. Cooking and freezing dried beans take little hands on time and for me, cost about 50% less than canned beans. Your mileage may vary, depending on food costs in your area.

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  1. Looking forward to this series!

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